Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 guys and a lady (and their pup)

Very beautiful this family.  6 boys ranging from a couple months old to 17 years old.  3 of the boys are cousins to this family, but you would never guess they all aren't just brothers.  They were all SOOOO well mannered and gentle spirited.  The older ones taking care of the little ones.  So sweet. 


Thanks you guys!  It was really fun to meet you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Blue-Eyes

Talk about fun location!  This mama was SO resourceful!  I always am on the lookout for abandoned barns, to do a little trespassing for a fun session... Well this mama took a different approach and knocked on the door of this rickety old barn owner's house, and 'asked permission' for us to use the location for her son's pictures.  How clever was that!  SUPER FUN!  Loved the barn. 
NOTE: blue eyes not color modified, his eyes are REALLY this blue!

Want to know what makes this baby laugh?  AHHH, when the goofy photographer lays in the grass to take a picture and then realizes she is nearly laying in a big pile of road kill... that's right, the barn was right off the highway and there was roadkill ALL over.   YUCK!  The screams and laughs out of the grown ups was enough to get little Mr. Blue eyes giggling as well!

love the way he's looking at daddy here...
Thanks guys!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

handsome little men and an old creepy barn

this old barn appeared to be held up by one little brick in the front right corner... I didn't really think that we should be going IN it, but the boys had to check it out... it was really pretty, but really pretty creepy too!

SOOOO many great connection shots were captured, my favorite type of session.

Big brother found a really huge and furry caterpiller, someone was VERY impressed!

Love this one!

Big brother is holding his chest because he just slipped off the willow tree and scratched his chest with a pokey broken off tree nub.... I pretend he is holding his heart because he really loves me taking his picture!

Thanks you guys, I hope all the injuries are mending, it was an adventure, but I think we got some pretty cool shots!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bigstone - B family

All grown up, hadn't seen the littlest since she was merely 30 days old!   This is the awesome mama that taught me all about how to make the most excellent iced coffee - which has now become a serious necessity for me - especially when I edit late into the nights after being mama all day :)

This place is SOO great.  It is a mini golf/sculpture garden.  This particular shot is in a sculpture that resembles an overturned boat, with lots of cut out holes that are filled with some artsy colorful melted plastic.  Tricky lighting for photos, but SO pretty!

I asked her to look crabby here... cutest crabby I have ever seen!

This is MY FAVORITE image from this family's session... I know, so mean of me to love a photo of a sad baby,
but have you ever seen a cuter cry?  Not I.  I wouldn't even mind if my kids cried if they were this cute about it!

Thanks guys - suuuuuper fun session!

Bigstone - A family

Remember these guys????  Adorable, all of them.  I love these people.  Lots.

fun light

fun family
fun location

Peace OUT!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Holy crappers these 2 are cute! I did back to back family shoots this week with this cute little set of best friend's families at the COOLEST place EVER!  The moms wanted a best-friend shot of the girls.  How could I stop at one shot when they are about the cutest things I have ever seen? 

More from each of their family shoots to come.. but for now, your not even going to be able to stand the cuteness coming next.  Ready?  GO!
Check out the air they both caught on this one... pretty good since there wasn't even anything to jump off of!

Told you they were adorable!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

crazy in love

 This wonderful family just grew by 2 feet...  I went over to take some pictures of this beautiful new addition on Saturday... She is perfect! 

The whole time we were in the 4 season porch, the little dog REALLY wanted to come in to kiss his new baby.  He spent an hour licking the screen door - ouch?  Funny little guy!

This bebe is loved SO much, the boys can't seem to get enough of her.  
Can't say I blame them, she is as sweet as sugar!

 Love these little men!

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