Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Everything about this little dolly is colorful: her smile, her personality, her dress, her curls - OH THE CURLS!! Seriously I could post like 25 images straight out of the camera on those curls!

She was a blast and it was also lots of fun having mom and grandma there - they made my job super simps! Thanks for the great morning ladies!

Friday, May 15, 2009

new little sister

This cutie is already 1 month old, but just a sweet tiny little thing.

She was SO alert and much to 'with it' to put up with some of my shenanigans - like sticking her naked little self in bowls and on shelves for effect... she wasn't having it, can't say I blame her...

She was happiest wrapped up on a soft pillow or in her big sister's arms. Smart little lady! She was OK with my vintage buggy that I was SO excited to get to use on a newborn.


Look at the admiration in baby's eyes for big sister.
It's like she already knows how cool big sister is...

Thanks for the really fun shoot and the wonderful iced coffee that I must get the recipe for!

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