Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards

are really fun spots to shoot... there's still time if you want to set something up this fall, just give me a shout :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


We have been trying to do this session for awhile, and now we did, and I am happy.

One of my b/f's in the whole wide world, and her cute little family...

I ended up with about 5 million great shots packed full of personality... I think that's what it is, there is like this magic age that kids hit, when they are more reluctant to show you the 'real deal'. These 2 haven't hit that magic age yet (thank God!), or perhaps it's because I know them well. either way they were their cute little selves - true to form. And I got LOTS of super fun shots, I am so happy with them :)

btw - in case you couldn't tell, this next shot is little man's impersonation of a pterodactyl with a blue lolli... right on!

While mom was busy getting her daughter changed, I took this little guy to get a couple face shots while we waited, and this is where he went with it. This is not posed, he is cat-walking - all on his own... I had to zoom out, and skip the face shots because he was hilarious! Mom came over laughing - 'OK Fabio!'.

'I can't beeeeleeeeeve it's not buttah!'

Friday, September 18, 2009

weeds are beautiful

This family was so awesome to 'go along with me' on my ideas.... which included sticking them in the middle of a big bunch of blooming ragweed... nobody even sneezed or got stung by a bee, but SO BEAUTIFUL!

They were incredibly sweet, and such a beautiful bunch! I couldn't get enough of the little ones ice blue eyes!

This little charmer didn't need any coaxing to smile at the camera, his big baby blues just tracked my camera all over the place!

And this little sweetie pants, I seriously took enough of her to make her very own gallery - she is simply darling!

And last but not least - he reminded me SO much of my own little guy. Not so interested in getting his photo taken (can ya blame him?) but VERY interested in catching the creepy long snake that nearly slithered over the top of my flip-flopped feet! I loved shooting him because it was all real.. just little him being little him...

His eyes are like little swimming pools aren't they?

Thanks for a fun evening guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

little E

Ok, we are back again...

This session was so fun, we met up at little E's great grandparents house up in the bluffs overlooking the St. Croix River. BEAUTIFUL!

And if that wasn't enough, great-grandma kept pulling out the BEST vintagey stuff from her storage - the kind of storage I wish I had to keep the kind of vintagey stuff I want to have! I digress...

And if that wasn't enough, isn't this little guy the CUTEST ever? I loved editing this session because I just couldn't get enough of his little face!

E's mommy and daddy: I promise we got some really nice family shots also, but I couldn't help starting my editing with the little guy... and oh my goodness, I can't even decide what to blog - I love so many of them... Hope ya like!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

just one!

The plan was to edit these when we got back from our little Labor Day camping-get-away... but here I am loading a session I had today (when I should be going to bed) because I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I can't even STAND what a cutie this one is! I had to look at them - and then of course I had to process one, and then I might as well post one right?!?!

More to come on this handsome feller when we return!

Have a safe holiday!

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