Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fields of fun!

When a dear friend of mine asked me to do her first-born's senior photos, I was both honored and super excited! I had never been out to their place, and that is where we decided to do the session... Gorgeous place and better yet, she let me bring my 3 littles with to run and catch toads and play ball... they had a blast too!

'W' was SOOOO sweet and I am really pleased at how the session turned out!

As we pulled away, I saw 'W' hug his mom behind me in the driveway, and I got a tear in my eye. I looked in my rear view at my 3 little monkeys in the back seat and knew that 'that' is my biggest goal in life, to work hard to have that deep relationship with my kids, especially as they grow... it is SO awesome!

So what do you think about this one, could it pass for winterish?? We tried, our little secret, mid-August in the sun... oh well, it's the theme that counts!

Not sure what is up with the black & white (sepia toned), I usually am a color fan (even though I always throw a couple b/w into a gallery).. but on this job, I was really excited about them, love them love them love them!

Thanks for a wonderful morning guys - it is always so good to see you, and 'W' I am so happy I to work your senior photos!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

day trip part II

Here are parts from the other session from my little day trip to Duluth... SUCH A SWEETIE - this one! And a dancer! So turns out my $.75 (weird - I can't find a cent sign on my keyboard?) red tutu from a garage sale last week - makes for a great addition to my prop gallery - especially fun for a dancer like this beautiful senior!
It is SOO much fun to shoot kiddos like this - willing to try anything!
I am not sure why I keep making people jump in the air - I think I am just amazed at how high it looks like they get off the ground... in this one, she did start from the bench, but still, that seems like pretty good air to me!

Thanks for the fun day!

p.s. here's a shout out to my photog assistant for the day - you rocked!!

day trip

I had the pleasure of heading to Duluth for the morning for back to back shoots including a session with this spunky little family! They were here on vacation from Texas, and decided to have a family session in Duluth.

We found some really fun spots, although I think we could have shot in the Walmart parking lot and had fun anyway. Cute couple, beautiful daughters and oh I must mention that their little pooch, was SOOOO cooperative also - I think I could have just done a whole session with her - isn't she sweet!

Hell's Angels were in town, so we thought the million cops around probably wouldn't be out for us when we trespassed to get this shot, we also brought the dog into the NO DOGS ALLOWED park... Trouble makers :)

Thanks guys, hope you had a great trip!

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