Tuesday, May 25, 2010

so happy you're here!

I was so lucky to get to spend an evening capturing family shots for the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of this beautiful little girl joining the family! 

Have I mentioned I love shooting in the evening?  This post is ridiculously long a big one because I loved it so much, the light was magical, the family's connection showed up so sweet and little punky is a riot! 

Just after the shot with punky resting on dad's head, she LICKED his head, AND I MISSED IT! So mad...

Sure fire giggles - toss a baby in the air.
I think they love her... LOTS!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What a charmer... This little guy has grown into such a sweetheart!  It is so fun to see the babies I have had sessions with turn into little people.

He really never stopped smiling... I think maybe he thought it was really funny when I laid down on the train tracks for a shot, and ended up in the biggest pile of tarry-stickey-train-goo ever.  Actually, we looked and it pretty much was the only puddle on ALL of the train ties, and you guessed it, I stuck both feet in it and then sat on my feet before noticing.  So my shoes and rear were covered (and NO it doesn't come out in the wash).  It was pretty funny, and if it makes the littles happy....

OK, on to smiley-pants!
Happy Birthday BIG GUY!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

little mac

What was once in is now out and so very perfect... what a gorgeous and fun morning this was!  I love this baby - isn't he just the cutest?

and baby says that's a wrap!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

bubbles in a hockey rink

There's an outdoor hockey rink down at the end of our block - with wonderfully whitewashed walls.  I have been wanting to shoot something there for awhile.    You're thinking, a hockey rink in the spring, really?  Kids are cute anywhere...

So we (me and my littles) made a morning of it, complete with bubbles, bikes and snacks.  We had so much fun, and I am so glad to have the morning captured :)

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