Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sweet sisters

I recently had a session with these sweeties!  When I got there, the oldest was so excited to see what color I was wearing... I thought that was so cute. 
The littlest didn't much enjoy her last experiece at a photo studio, so mom and dad decided to have me out for an in-home session.  We had lots of fun, and got some great stuff! 

Have I mentioned I LOVE brown eyed babies.... I do.  And these two have some of the most beautiful brown eyes ever.  

beautiful little girls!

Thanks for having me out you guys, loved meeting your sweet girls!
bye now :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

sugar & spice and their sweet new baby brother

I was SO excited to hear that these little sweeties had a new little brother added to their family.   He was just 7 days old at our session.

The girls were so fun and adorable, and little brother was a honey bear.  He kept falling asleep with his eyes open, so dad - the pirate-baby whisperer, would touch his eyelids and they would shut.   At one point, dad reached out to touch his eyelids, but before he even got there, baby took his cue and shut them himself.  Smart baby, on top of being absolutely beautiful! 

this one cracks me up...
cute little dark haired sister was NOT in approval of holding that particular end of her baby brother.

Look closely to see the AWESOME detail in this quilt that baby's grandma made for him. 
I found it particularly adorable that he made this face when placed in the middle of the angel's wings. 

As I drove to their place, I passed this awesome shed...
I 'mentioned it' when I got there & baby's mom said... When we moved here, & I saw that, I thought of you. 
Funny, I guess everyone knows my passion for vintage-old & crusted color.   

Thanks so much for having me out, it was a blast and so good to see you again!!!
And CONGRATS on your sweet baby boy, he is perfect!

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