Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little K and family!

We met at a prairie grass park and it had stormed and rained like crazy the night before... which turned the park into a marshy muddy mosquitoe-ville.  Muddy trails would have been hard enough as is, but little-man's mom was in a boot - due to a broken bone in her foot.  YIKES!  Super-mom could still hike and carry her baby! 

Grandma and Grandpa (Mo-Mo and Bo-Bo) were flying home later in the day - so we couldn't wait for the sun to dry it out.  None-the-less, what troopers!  They all love this little-man so.  No wonder, he is SO darling.  Just as cute as the first time I met him :) 

This is their reflections in the lake looking down over a bridge.. saying hi to turtles?

It's tiring being so dang cute!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Adventure session

They drove all the way here (2 hour drive) with their sweet little gorgeous haired baby... and when they arrived, it began to rain.  So, really just a drizzle, but I can't get my camera wet - even a little bit.  We had been discussing grande plans of train tracks or beautiful fields for her session.. PLAN B:

Maybe you remember the whitewashed hockey rink walls I blogged about here - and how I always wanted to shoot a session here, well, it's right by my house so I brought them there and shot under an umbrella -  Notice the baby didn't mind the wet AT ALL!  Loved it in fact.  Her little bum was soaked and covered in sand and mud - we got a great shot of that to, promise :)

Once the skies seemed to calm a bit, we went over to a walking trail with fields, and walked in - probably a half mile or so... with 2 strollers - a baby and lots of propery.  We had fun, shot some - and then it POURED!  Our only recourse was to hang out and laugh under a tree.  They were so easy going, it turned out to be so fun, even though I was HAVING A PANIC ATTACK very nervous about what to do with them in the rain.  Rain passed and we finished, and I love the results. 

Precious baby (who just turned 1!), fun couple, my camera and an adventure - count me in!  Thanks so much guys!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love when people bring their own props.  For one, something different for me, but more importantly, favorite items bring out the best in kids.

This adorable girl lOOOOves books, and pinwheels, and her mom - and she brought all 3! 

It was such a fun shoot, I have been catching this little girl since she was just a peanut.  She has grown into such a sweet little thing, with the most gorgeous hair! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

baby in a basket...

Sooooo cliche.  Or is it?  I am leaning toward not! At least in this case :)
Doll baby.

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