Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. L

We decided to do this senior's session at his house, and good thing!  It was a gorgeous day, and they have such a beautiful yard! 

This guy was a piece of cake, I think it might have been a record for shortest session time, about 20 minutes.   My sessions often inlcude little people that like to run, and have me chase them (WHICH I LOVE!), so it's different (and a different kind of fun) when I do an older kid/young adult session and they stay put and look at me.   

Friday, September 17, 2010

kiss around the corner...

A dumb thing I came up with on a session... I thought the corner was cute, and of course they are adorable... so I thought a kiss from the cute people on the cute corner made sense.  Here is how it went: Funny guy trying to prove to me that kissing on the corner isn't so easy to make look cute....just funny really.
Still pretty cute though!

I hadn't seen her since high school, never met him... It was so good! THEY ARE SO IN LOVE!! Lucky baby.

You can see the mosquitoes flying around their heads if you look close, holy moly they were crazy -those mosquitoes!

When we were making our plans for where to have the session, she mentioned that she liked this field... Obviously I was all over that! 

I always have wanted to stick the sun through a kiss - pretty close!
Thanks guys!  It was super fun and I can't WAIT to meet the little sweet pea!

Friday, September 10, 2010

laughing our buns off!

You know the really good belly laughs that leave you with an ache in your middle?  I left this session with one of those.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  A gorgeous plot (I shot these here also - these guys are friends and let us use the land, thank you, thank you!!), a beautiful ballerina girl that will be graduating this year, her awesome mom, and their hilarious friend (and mine) - made for a night to remember.

So to get back to the fields you are about to see, we really had to adventure.  Thank goodness our friend came along to forage ahead of us and get all of the cockle burrs in her hair to spare us!  HA!  SOOO funny.  But totally worth it (for the pictures sake of course).

We never thought to look behind the barn until the very end.  That's where these last two were from, and it was like a hidden treasure back there.  Thanks so much L and crew, it really was a super fun night!

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