Friday, December 25, 2009

Little K

How about this for ADORABLE BABY!

Beautiful family + fun location + rented 24-70mm lens = FUN FOR ME!!

By the end of the session this little guy and I were really good buds... in fact even with the short lens, I was having a hard time getting far enough away from him to shoot - and I loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Such a cutie!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hush little baby

She didn't actually cry once, but she was WIDE AWAKE until the very end... 2 hours of very awakeness without one fuss seems pretty amazing for a 7 day old babe, I thought!

She is just beautiful, like her brother. It was fun, I got to try to repeat a couple of the images I had taken of her big brother when he was born over 4 years ago.

Here, brother is a little concerned that she is going to try to eat... to me it just looks like she thinks this whole thing is hilarious.
Grandma is going to make her a quilt with this fun material...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the most beautiful day in November

Never really would have imagined we could get such a beautiful November (LATE November at that) morning. We met at 9 am and as I was driving out, I couldn't believe the beautiful light and that my car thermo was reading 42 for an outdoor temp!

What a fun shoot! The family of course is adorable and the location they picked was SO great (thanks grandpa and grandma for letting us come by!).

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