Thursday, January 28, 2010

new grounds

This little cutie's mom had a brand new park for us to try out earlier this winter .. it's a beauty :) All walking trails and such - it was beautiful post fall - so I'm sure a coating of snow - or with the first signs of spring it will be amazing!
We had fun even though it was soooo FREEZING out!! She was so happy to explore. What little troopers I have had this winter! The cold never seems to bother them like it does me!
Love.Love the colors on this one - she's darling.
I think the little bit of sugar from the cookie she just ate on her lips is sweet...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Trooper!

My best camera lens has been at the shop for six weeks and I just got her back - YIPPEEE!! Just in time for a session with this handsome fellow!

I LOVE shooting in the winter... I got to do this little guy's 3 year old pictures last winter on a day that was about -5... (We did get a couple outdoor ones believe it or not, but mostly indoor).
This year, it wasn't that it was so cold, but it was really windy which made the 20 degrees feel about 0. My fingers froze up so quickly - and little man wasn't exactly toasty either - BUT.... we got quite a few fun shots in about 12 minutes!
He's just so darn handsome :)

Part of our session was a spontaneous detour to this old seemingly abandoned school house that I have admired for so long. Trees that have grown over walkways - battered wooden siding and old time windows... We were caught trespassing by a trucker that needed me to move my truck which was blocking the dirt road he needed to use, so we didn't get tooooo many here, but I think I might go back!
Thanks for the fun session - and the hot coffee run!

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