Thursday, September 8, 2011

family of 10

I adore this group... this is our second family gathering for photos together.  I LOVE how fun and no-fuss it is with all of them.  You would think that with this many adults, 2 little ones and 3 dogs (with no leashes and rabbits hopping all over the property) that it would be crazy.  You would be right.  Crazy beautiful fun.   I love my job, and sessions like these are exactly why.

The location they picked was super great.  The color scheme they went with was perfect - coordinating, but not too matchy.   Best of all, they love each other, and to be with eachother.  They play and laugh and make memories - wherever.  I really loved this session.  Had I mentioned that yet?

This shot was choreographed by the little cutie looking at the dogs.  She thought it would make a great picture if everyone was hands on knees.  I couldn't agree more.

They goal of this session was to have it done before Roxy (pup in the middle) got too sick. 
Sadly, she passed just days after our session together. 
I am so happy we were able to get a bunch of great family shots with her in them. 
Her family will miss her dearly.  Rest in peace Rox.

Thanks so much guys, let's do it again!

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